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Superfit Black Combi GALAXY - Winterstiefel

Superfit Black Combi GALAXY - Winterstiefel
  • Obermaterial: Nappa, Velour
  • Oberes Futter: Warm Innenfutter
  • Innensohle: Textil
  • Außensohle: Gummi
  • Ideal für kühle Herbst- und Wintertage.
  • Komfortabel und für jeden Zweck
  • Ultraleichtes Design

Über die Marke

SUPERFIT is an Austrian brand who carefully has designed, developed and produced children's shoes with a perfect fitting for more than 50 years. Superfit has always used the best available membrane in the market - GORE-TEX®. GORE-TEX® makes the shoes 100% waterproof and is at the same time breathing. This functionality makes the shoes protective and extra comfortable in a lot of different climates.

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